What Our Clients Say

I have been very happy with the services being provided through All About You program for seniors. The management and care providers are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and pro-active when perceived issues arise. I know that my Mom is being well cared for in the nursing home, but we recognized that family can not always be around to spend quality time with her and attend to more personal contact.

All About You provides one-on-one companionship for her, which maintains the continuity of personal care. I can go home from a visit, feeling rest assured, the she is in the best hands.

My sister has had a brain injury an now requires care and assistance in her daily living. She is now in a care home. One side effect of the injury is that she can be very difficult at times to manage. For the last 3 years AAY has stepped in to assist her in many areas because our family members no longer live in town. They take her to church, on outings, to appointments or just for coffee. They are always very good with her, patient, really reliable and can even assist us on short notice when the occasion arises. She is certainly better off with AAY in her life. This service provides us with peace of mind knowing she is so well taken care of. Thank you SO much to All About You.

Caring for a loved one two provinces away can be overwhelming at times. All About You made it a whole lot easier by delivering care and services with compassion and integrity and coming up with creative solutions to address my dad's unique needs and circumstances.

Our Dad has greatly benefited from the weekly visits provided by the companions at AAY. Their focus on social visits and outings has had an impact on his well being. They have rounded out the overall quality of Dad's life at the special care home by adding to his social calendar that was not currently filled by recreation therapy, other staff interactions and family member visits.

When Dad was home alone and even now that he is in a nursing home, words alone cannot express what All About You has done for the quality of life that has been given to my father, and myself. Living in Calgary is a long way when Dr's appointments, etc. come up. I have struggled until All About You made mine and my father's life better. To take my father to Dr's appointments , or just out for coffee, or an ice cream, or to just sit and visit with Dad. All About You is with us until Dads very last day, which I hope is not soon. All About you affords me the ability to continue with my life in Calgary and know Dad is in great caring hands. Thank you SO much to All About You

The caregiver was always pleasant and thoughtful She took the initiative to study what foods my husband, who was diabetic, could eat. It was a pleasure to have her in our home and as a companion at tea time!